Super Competentcy

You have to decide to be good at what you do. Once you have made the decision to do so, Super Competent by productivity expert Laura Stack, provides the method. She has narrowed down six interconnected traits or mindsets that make up the Super Competent person.

Key 1: Activity. They are driven by intense focus on priorities and have a clear sense of direction.
Action: You need to determine what you should be working on. This is true for everyone. I was recently talking with one of my nursery coordinators and sharing how we are beginning to get a little loose around the edges and we must bring back clarity for the whole team. We discovered that part of the reason for seeing old results (which we have gone past and don’t want to go back to) was focus on the direction the nursery needed to go was being lost. So intense focus is where we are headed again.

Key 2: Availability. They control their schedules.
Action: You need to make time for it. Simply stated for me, if you don’t schedule it it will not be done. I schedule everything that makes a difference to me.

Key 3: Attention. They develop the ability to pay attention to the task at hand.
Action: You need to focus on those tasks. I find this very true. I find this so true that even when I sit at one of my computers I have an agenda to accomplish at that moment. I try to never sit around the house with a laptop on my lap if I don’t have a scheduled task to accomplished. The reason, this non-scheduled computer time can rob from my family time and the such as I will surf around the web and ignore my family.

Key 4: Accessibility. They are organized and can locate the information they need to support their activities.
Action: You need to organize the information you need to complete your tasks. I have been confident for some years now that in this wonderful information age that we live in, that success is not going to depend on as much about who has information (because we all have access to more information than we could ever use at our finger tips) but who can access it most efficiently.

Key 5: Accountability. They are self-disciplined and don’t blame others.
Action: You need to be responsible for your results. This is just as it sounds.

Key 6: Attitude. They do what needs to be done to make things happen. They are proactive decisive and fast.
Action: You never give up. It no longer is good enough to just make things happen, but can you see far enough into each project that you are working into each curve of the project before you even get there.

“Each key requires close attention to and a profound understanding of your own strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities in all areas to truly excel.” Stack begins with a short SuperCompetent Assessment to give you an idea of the areas you need to focus on. From there, she provides so much content that even the most competent among us will find something to ponder. She provides simple approaches to help you improve in each of the six areas. Some are so simple that you will ask yourself, “Why am I not doing that?”

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