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Losing time?

The world is thinking so much about Steve Jobs today in part because he had used his time to extend value into the lives of people, mine included, that would outlive his own time. For every flaw you may want to point out about him, or for every truth about his choices or leadership style, he built a legacy, more than once, with the time he had here on earth.

I was giving some thought this morning to ways many of us lose time.

* When we check our phone every time it beeps or plays musical tunes (it is often profitable to turn these off).

* When we turn on the glowing box instead of pursue talking with our families and friends.

* What about every time we agree to an hour meeting when 20 minutes will do.

* We lose time chasing that extra six cents of savings on the frozen pizza at one store and so we will drive across town to the other store, all the while not stopping to think that we’re only getting back .06 for that effort.

* Every time we don’t say sorry first and end the stalemate with our spouse, kids or friends, we are losing time.

* When we spend more time reading updates on facebook or twitter of our friends than living updates with them.

What would happen if you set your phone to silent. Check it as infrequently as you can stand. Before we all had cell phones, our children, friends and any one else who calls you all lived. The boss wants you to be responsive. Fine. Being responsive doesn’t equal being a slave.

Time, family, friends, our daily lives with our Savior may be some the most difficult of the currencies to leverage, and too often we all spend it like it’s free.

No need to “hurry.” But do “live.” Live in the way which suggests you know what time it is, with or without that clock on your iPhone. Because it’s not your time really, it is borrowed time from God. And that’s what matters while you still breathe, to be a game changer, time investor into what matters, what will outlive you and your time after you are gone. Invest this time into things here on earth but also into eternal things.

Live courageous with this time!

I am not sure where Steve Jobs stood with God, it would be my hopes that he was as wise with his future investment through his relationship with Jesus our Savior as he was with his time here on earth, but God will be the judge of that.

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