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The Future of Children’s Ministry

I have had the privilege of being asked with 18 other children’s pastors by Greg Baird to think on the question of: “What is the future of children’s ministry?” So here is a brief view of one or two thoughts I have concerning this question.

What does the future of Children’s Ministry look like? I would start with those who lead these ministries. It is through these men and women that I believe we will see our greatest impact of changes take place.

I am seeing a change in the “Top Down” type of leader. This older style is being replaced with a leader style who will decentralize leadership so that more people have a voice. It is a win-win type relationship.

The new leader/children’s pastor will be the one who will harness the use of technology but will customize that technology to take on an interactive role for all those involved. I believe that even though technology will continue to be a great tool in the hands of all of us, we will see boys and girls want a person-to-person experience that will help take what they are being taught to a level where they are experiencing it. A fun example of this would be the Atomic Tom Live YouTube video….

\"Take Me Out\" by Atomic Tom LIVE on NYC subway

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