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Qualities of Great Leaders part 4

Again today we will continue our post on qualities that I have observed that those who I would consider Great Leaders of today and in the past tend to have. If you have not read the previous ones and this is the first one you have read, then please check the rest out as well here for Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

Today in part 4 we will look at how they’re lifelong learners. Great leaders never stop learning about their field, themselves, their team, and how to best motivate their people. They realize that there is never a point when you “know it all.” There is always something new to learn.

As I reflect on this quality I can’t help but think through all of my coaching students that i get the privilege of coaching every week. My Kidology Coaching students are all very hungry and determined to be a lifelong learner. Each one comes with a variety of experience ranging from their current ministry being their first one all the way to 18 year veterans in children’s ministry.

it is this quality of being a life long learner that keeps them growing. During the time of our coaching I have seen where they have been given trust to take take on more ministry areas, pay increases, developed ministries for the whole community, more than tripled some of their ministries in attendance and reach, grown stronger volunteers as their middle management gets stronger, family life and marriages even grow in depth and strength, started new non-profit ministries and so many more great things.

Why? Because they remain life long learners. How are staying a life long learner? What is your strategy in always growing?

Not as much about the tool as it is about YOU

I am reading more often about all the great tools, gadgets, technology and more that people are using to make their lives more productive. But then, if I continue to watch the same people claiming a new technology or tool that made their life so great just a couple months ago will now be posting how their lives are out of control again.

This is why I am developing the attitude that it is not as much about the tools as it is about you.

Here is what I mean. There are some incredible things out there to help everyone squeeze as much as possible into their day. To help us not forget another appointment. To lead the best and most efficient meetings. To network and never forget a name of a person we meet. To synchronize and store every possible piece of information we come across and want to keep.

Yet, with all of these items we still end up with our lives often times out of control. Why? Is the technology corrupted – No. Are the systems broke – No. Then why? There is one common denominator that runs through all of these. It is us the people using them all.

So let’s fine tune ourselves and invest in our productivity by investing in our own well being. Here are only some ways and I am sure you can add your own.

1. Get some sleep. I enjoy mind dumping before I go to bed. This is where I will write down every thought that enters my mind until there is nothing left. That helps me to feel that those thoughts are safe because I have them on paper and wont lose them but they dont need to take up storage in my head before I go to sleep. Now I can sleep as my mind is at rest.

2. Eat right. Take the time to sit and eat with your family and to cook a good meal. It is easy to try and drive through all the time and eat in the car with the family and think we are doing right. Instead, we are more broke and filled with food that will not fuel us the same way so we will later be grabbing a snack to help with the pick me up that we feel we need.

3. Take time to push away from your desk and walk the halls at your work or go outside and walk around the building. Often times we will continue to sit at our desk and surf the web. Try the walk and change of scenery.

4. Schedule your hobbies in your week or find a hobby and then schedule that in. You need to have an unplug time that has nothing to do with your job regardless of how much you may love it.

There are 4 quick ones what others would you add?

Who is drawn to you

Who is drawn to you? I have been asking myself this question for years. I look at leaders who are very different in their methods, styles, personalities and basically in just about every way and yet they each are very successful in what they do.

Being a children’s pastor I obviously have my favorite Bible heroes whose lives I love to study as I prepare weekly to share with the kids. Two of those lives I have always enjoyed looking at are the lives of Jesus and David. With one you have a warring king and with the other a saving King. Different callings, skills, abilities, methods, and training but both are obviously incredible leaders.

One similar thing about both is that they surrounded themselves with “Mighty Men”. It is looking at these “Mighty Men/Women” that has me thinking of our leadership. When David was running from Saul, his mighty men sought him out in Ziklag. They knew he was anointed, he was a great leader, and would soon  be king. If you are an anointed leader of God, with a great vision and calling, God will make sure great leaders find you to help accomplish the purpose God has for you!

I see and talk to too many leaders who appear as though they try to force or persuade others to follow as they desperately desire to lead in a certain direction. They may have the character of a leader, which means they help, encourage and even coach other leaders, but honestly they don’t have the anointing as a leader in the direction they are trying to create.

Anointed leaders, leading in the direction God has for them, will attract high quality leaders to accomplish that direction. I am even leaning toward coming to the conclusion that: You can measure the size and direction of your vision and calling by the quality of leaders you attract. However, I am certain that God will send you the leaders you need to accomplish what He has called and spoken for you.

Deadline Discipline will help you to deliver


I have always enjoyed studying task management for as long as I can remember. I use task management as a big part of my coaching with my students as well, because if I can help them manage their task they will be much more efficient in accomplishing all that they want to. With accomplishing more of what they want to they will experience more joy that is specific to them and their desires.

I do use a few different tools and techniques to assist them in accomplishing better task management, and one of the very simple ones is basically helping them to develop the habit of ‘setting deadlines’ for everything. If it is important enough to do it then it must be important enough to schedule it. If you schedule something you can not just add it to the calendar but you need to add a completion date or finish time as well.

No more:
– I will read my Bible sometime today
– I will spend time with my family
– I will read this book or that that one
– I will run errands for preparation for the weekend… You get the idea.

With each task you have a start and end time. But here is something I must mention. The dates and times you set up, you need to set up as non-negotiable with very few exceptions. Often times I see when I first start this exercise with my new students they set great soft dates, but not real dates. They move them around all the time and end up not accomplishing anymore than they did before.

You must set the dates and have the discipline to keep them. Go ahead and begin scheduling but keep your deadlines so you too can experience all the joy that comes from achieving what you want to achieve.

Garage repairmen just coached me

In life or at least my life there are some very funny stories that happen but with great lessons in those funny stories. Today I had one of those stories happen.

We have lived in our house now for 9 months. In all 9 months we have had 1 of our garage doors that we have never been able to open. We have spent tons of time walking around and looking up at the track, the pitch of it, the condition of this door, the air quality around the door, I mean the list goes on and on. Needless to say we have never been able to figure out why the door does not work.

Finally we call the repairman in since we have a home owners warranty. The guy comes in and in less than 2 minutes he goes over to the track and flips over less than a 1/8 of an inch piece of the cable and now it is working. he did this all while holding his clip board and trying not to laugh.

So $75.00 later, I realize that this is just what happens in life as well. You often times will end up paying for that expertise that can see how a little piece of cable can be flipped back over just so you can move on and get past the place you are in now. Here was that repairman that brought peace to a situation that we had spent tons of time on and never saw the solution.

Maybe you are there in ministry? In Life? You have looked at every angle or so you think you have and still can not find a great solution. This is exactly where a coach can come in handy to ask you the probing questions, help reframe the current reality that has you stuck. Help you find the answer that lies inside of you or within the tools that are at your disposal.

Come and join my other students who are discovering and finding great results in the life, their ministries, their churches and more through Kidology Coaching.

Evernote and Gift ideas

I was touching base with one of my Kidology Coaching Protegees yesterday, when he was sharing how he loves one of the tools that I take everyone through – Evernote.

I have 26 tabs set up for each of the 12 units I cover as part of my material I cover with my Coaching Protegees with each tab as one of the letters of the alphabet. With tab “W” it stands for “Whatchamacallit“. This is the tab I introduce different types of technologies that would be useful in helping you in Children’s Ministry. One of those tools I teach them is called: Evernote. This was the tool that I am referring to that one of my great protegees has really grabbed ahold of using to become more productive. Here is basically what he shared with me on how he currently used it.

There is a person in his church who is an influential person in his community and church. While this person was talking and sharing what everyone else felt was not note worthy, this protegee caught the significance of what was taking place and posted in his Evernote account books that this influential person was mentioning they wanted to get some day. Now when my protegee friend is at a book store they have a way to retrieve the list of books this person is desiring and can purchase one now as gift to give away.

Great job my young Jedi Kidology Protegee. The force is definitely strong with you. The great news is that this tool is available for everyone to use for free or paid determining how much you will create and store in it. If you choose to start using it or are already using it feel free to post ways that you use it.

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