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Leaders re-produce

Robert Coleman had written a wonderful book years ago that still proves to be a great book, it is called, “The Master plan of Evangelism.”

Why is it such a great book? Why do people still read it as much today as they did back in the mid 60’s when it was first released? One reason is because it teaches leaders how to train other leaders.

According to Coleman, Jesus changed the world by establishing a principle of discipling people in such a way that they would disciple others, who would in turn, disciple others. He tells of Jesus followed an eight pronged strategy:

1. Selection

2. Association

3. Consecration

4. Impartation

5. Demonstration

6. Delegation

7. Supervision

8. Reproduction

James Garlow has said that Jesus knew that leadership is less a commitment to a program as it is a commitment to a person or persons. I must agree with him.

1. In selection, the leader finds persons who are really willing to grow and concentrates most of their time on them. This is also known as the pareto principle which I fully agree with (80/20 principle – spend 80% of your time on the 20% of the things and people who accomplish 80% of what needs to be done).

2. Association phase, the leader spends a great amount of time forming deep relationships with those they have selected and then selects some of these few who will form the core into whom they will invest in the most.

3. Consecration stage is a time when the expectations are more clearly shared; the standard is ratcheted up, some may even fall away but those left will be willing to pay the price.

4. Impartation is where the leader demonstrates a life of sacrifice, love, and passion. The leader releases power to the followers to do what they have been charged to do.

5. Demonstration period is a time in which the leader leads by doing, providing the followers with on the job training. This is the watch me stage.

6. Delegation means followers now do what they were shown without the leader present to assist them, they work in teams of two or more. This is the I will watch you stage.

7. Supervision is the season where the leader watches them, instructs them, and brings them gentle but needed correction. This stage is the go do it and come back and report stage.

8. Reproduction stage is where we will no longer refer to them as followers, they are now leaders in their own right, the original leader has now multiplied himself several times over.

The essence of Colemans thesis is the same as that of John Maxwells where he says, if you only lead followers, you will add; if you raise up leaders you multiply.

So where are you in any of these stages? It is extremely encouraging as I continue to hear from those who are in Kidology Coaching as they relay to me the stages they are in and their progress in each of these stages as they help reproduce other disciples and collaborate with other leaders, team members, and families. Lastly great joy is coming from hearing the results they are seeing in their ministries, churches and new relationship with the senior pastor.

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