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Sunset Buildings

It has been a long time since I have posted a new blog post as of this posting today. The reason? I have truly been busy with ThanksLiving.

What is ThanksLiving? It is truly living every day with thankfulness. My life is truly packed with so much of thankfulness I have just been making sure I stay appreciative. Does this mean everything has worked completely the way I want it to go all the time? No way. Does it mean nothing negative has taken place? No way. Does it mean I have had no struggles? No way. What it does mean is that I have chosen daily to commit myself to staying Thankful, and mindful for all that God has given me even during the hard times.

I recently ran into this story that I think says it the best of what I have chosen to do and the result it has had. Enjoy.

There was a small business owner whose clothing store was threatened with extinction. A national chain store had moved in and acquired all the properties on his block. This one particular businessman refused to sell.

“Alright then, we’ll build around you and put you out of business,” the new competitors said.

The day came when the small merchant found himself hemmed in with a new department store stretching out on both sides of his little retail shop. The competitor’s banners announced, “Grand Opening!” The merchant countered with a banner that stretched across the entire width of his store. It read, “Main Entrance.”

How great it is to be a dad.

Was spending some time this morning thinking about how great it is to be a dad.

* What a great responsibility it is as you have the privilege of building the right foundation into the lives of your kids.
* What great fun it is as you get to play with your kids and their toys while using the excuse it is all for them.
* The sadness that overcomes you when you see one of your kids fall and get hurt
* The joy that comes when you get to be the hero as you bring the band-aid and so gently put it on their ouchie.

Here is a video from Skit Guys that does a good job of showing some more great things about being a dad.

5 of the Top and Top of the Bottom

It seems that at this time of the year more list come out in blog post than any other time of the year. So I don’t want to break the pattern so I have compiled the results from 2010 for the top 5 click on post in my blog and also the bottom 5 as well. You may ask yourself why would I ever post the bottom 5? I wonder if they are really the bottom 10 or just missed by more people.

Why should these posts matter to you? Here are three suggestions:

1. You might have missed them, now you have a chance to read them.
2. You might have liked them and want to read them again.
3. You might want to share them with a friend via email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. (They’ll appreciate it and so will I.)

Top 5

5. Did I do that? Did I do that? It is time we start to take responsibility for the results we are getting.

4. Cut the bull, where’s your true passion? A leader who is not passionately committed to a cause will not draw much commitment from others

3. Making a living or building a cathedral? Purpose inspires performance and commitment.

2. New Position landmine #2 Relationships.For this landmine, it is usually going to happen when the new children’s pastor does not do an accurate job of establishing and identifying key relationships that will happen up and down or side by side in the ministry.

1. New Position landmine #3 The ministry itself. You become blinded with excitement of the new ministry, or the size of it, or the pay of it, new title or areas like that…

The bottom 5

5. Successful people have successful habits. Your everyday choices ultimately determine if you will experience success or just watch others experience success

4. Risk to become better. We need to be creative, take risks, explore new ways to make more stuff happen for the glory of God.

3. Growth through vision. …look at only two even though there are several fundamentals that could help us break through and into the growth we should be part of.

2. Someone who gets it. Jesus may I be counted guilty to be the one who will say “Thanks, and I love you”. Just for the record, this is definitely one of those post I feel if people truly caught, it would radically change our lives. Also, since the writting of this letter God has brought us back to the same state that Logan is in, K.C., MO.

1. Clarity is a must. It is our responsibility as leaders to make sure people understand the goals and purpose of what we are telling them about so they can make good decisions.

I hope you will read these if you haven’t, comment on them if you like them and share them with someone who would enjoy or benefit from them.

Power of Kindness

This afternoon I was walking into the church after taking a little time to go with my wife to Starbucks, when in the lobby of the church was this lady and her two kids along with one of our office secretaries named Mary. Mary announced to them that “here is our children’s pastor now.” I walked over there to see why I was being introduced and to say hello to the family.

Now is where this true story that happened today gets real good. The lady with the kids began to explain how they came to our church the previous week for the State wide home school testing that we allow to be held at our church as a way to be a blessing. During this time and with the mobs of kids and parents everywhere, this lady wants to just go and find a quiet place for her and her son while the daughter is testing. She finds a little spot that she feels will be ok but wonders if she has traveled into an area that will get her in trouble. No sooner this thought comes into her mind one of our custodians named Stacey comes by and she begins to explain why she was were she was. Stacey very kindly looks at her and affirms that she is alright but he wondered if her son likes to play video games? To no surprise of his or the mom the son says yes. Stacey tells the mom and son to follow him as he proceeds to take them into our gym which has video games in it. Stacey hooks the games up and turns them all on so the son can play.

Through this experience of what some may have considered not too big of an ordeal, it made such an impression on her through his generosity of taking time to do this even though he was very busy that she has decided to attend our church now. Thanks Stacey for being Jesus in the flesh and making time for this family. It goes to show again the true power of just being kind.

Someone who gets it

I am posting this letter that I just received from a student I had in my ministry years ago. This is one of those letters that when you read, it just overwhelms you with happiness.

Hey Pastor Todd!
Wanted to send you a quick note. Shaunda and I were reminiscing about the good old days with you! I wanted to say a big thank you. You were a great teacher and I was and am so thankful for that opportunity to be involved as an “M&M”! Having little jobs as a kid in ministry gave me a great foundation for leadership.

I have so many good memories of kids church with you. I remember a missionary came and gave a prophetic message when I was in the fifth grade. The Lord gave me such a clear message about evangelism and called me into ministry. That’s just one memory. I have so many! My family just drove through the area where we did ministry that one time at that inner city church- remember that??

Anyway, the Lord has done many great things in my life and called me to mighty things in his name! I am now interning with our creative arts pastor this semester since I graduated last December. Trying to develop and learn as much as I can.

I think so many kids grow up and their children’s pastors never get to hear what an awesome impact they had. I wanted you to know you impacted me greatly! I hope things are going well in AR!

In Christ,

Can I say, that when I got this note from Logan, I was completely overwhelmed with joy. Here is one of those times that someone just gets it. Get’s what? The spirit of “thankfulness”. This is the same kind of spirit I try to have with Jesus as well. Do we take the time as Logan did here, to go back and thank our Savior Jesus Christ for everything He has done. There is a story in the Bible as well about some really sick people who were all healed but only one returned to say “Thanks”.

Jesus may I be counted guilty to be the one who will say “Thanks, and I love you”.
Logan, thanks for the kind letter.

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