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Cloak a great tool for your Mac, iPhone, or iPad


I have started to use a great new tool on all of my devices from my iPhone, MacBook Pro and now on my new iPad, the tool is called Cloak.

What is cloak? Cloak is a service for your Mac, iPhone, and iPad that keeps you safe when you’re connected to public wireless networks like those found at coffee shops, hotels, airports, and conferences.

With Cloak, safety is just a click away. Here’s why:
– No setup or configuration: it just works.
– Automatically detects insecure networks and keeps you safe.
– Rock-solid, industry standard encryption technologies.
– Protects all your apps, not just your web browser.
– Supports all your Apple devices, not just your laptop.

So, if you find yourself spending time using public wifi then why take a chance of someone snatching up your private info when protecting yourself is so easy and economical – Free.**

**there is a paid version as well if you are heavy on the amount of data you consume while on wifi, but that is even cheap.

My Kidmin tools – simply put

Over the years I have observed many people that others might call “successful” in their area of work or life and have learned that: The better one becomes at their area of expertise, the more simple and steady the tools one uses becomes.

What does this mean to you or what does it really look like when fleshed out? It could mean that you need to take a look at the simplicity or complexity of the tools you are using. More is not always better. I truly believe there is a direct relationship between the quantity of tools that you use and the quality of your productivity. Less is more.

Here are just a few places within my blog where you can watch this journey of mine through the different stages of learning about the importance of simplifying. Check them out. To read even more on this topic or to walk through this journey with me, go ahead and put the word “Productivity” in my search field and further your learning journey.

Fewer Gathering Places. The importance of not just simplifying your tools but the places of storage or collecting papers etc. throughout the day. Learn this process for quicker and more efficient productivity.

Not as much about the tool as it is about you. Through this simplifying journey of mine I have read great posts of wonderful tools, and many I re-tweet or re-post as well. For those who advertise all the great tools they are using to simplify their life, months later I read of their life out of control. Read on and learn what I pick up from these lessons.

Lessons on focus. Here is one that is not about tools at all but your focus. Simplifying your focus with fewer tools will make you more effective with those tools. Simplifying your focus into the top 20% of what only you can do and delegate out the rest will help you become more effective as well.

I will end this post with this thought: Have you become too complex with the tools you use that were supposed to make life more simpler? Have you become too overburdened by all the task and projects that you take on? How can you simplify and become more productive by having and doing less for the purpose of having and doing more, better?

My daily tools used to stay mobile prt 2

In case you have not read my first post on this topic start here first.

Now that you have read the first part here are some more daily tools that I use to stay mobile.

JotNot Pro.
Here is a great app that I can snap a photo of all my receipts and then email them or save them in Evernote or Dropbox and share with my secretary so she can then file them or get me reimbursed. But no longer do i have to go into an office to get this done.
This free app automatically creates rich profiles for all your contacts, including communication history and updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.
Note: A Gmail, Yahoo! Mail or Xobni for Outlook account is required. or iCloud mail support is coming soon!

Here are some ways you can use Smartr Contacts for your personal and professional life:
– Keep track of all the people you’ve ever communicated with – automatically
– Always know who you’re communicating with photos and recent communication history
– See what’s up with your top contents in the home screen’s social carousel
– Call, email or SMS someone with a single tap
– Stay up to date with updates from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
– See who you have in common with everyone
– Bring all your contacts together into one place
– Protect your contacts in the cloud, so should you lose your phone, all your contacts are safe and secure

Here is an app that keeps me in the know through video training on numerous subjects. I also provide this for my team as well. So when I am sitting waiting for an appointment I can log into my account and learn the newest photoshop skills, or final cut, or Keynote presentation tips or more. I am constantly being a great steward of my churches time.

TeleNav GPS
3D maps with live traffic flow, turn-by-turn directions with manual rerouting, local search, cheap gas price finder and more. Now with Facebook integration & enhanced map discovery. This keeps me on the road and in the know of where I am going and how to get there.

Do you find yourself searching for paper and pencil to keep track of attendance for your social group? Do you help out with a Bible club and need to track participation? Or, the person every Sunday who tries to keep track of attendance at Sunday School? This app allows me to be away from my church data base and still keep track of who is coming.

There is part 2. Hang in there for part 3 coming your way soon.

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