TagMyDoc a great tool for conferences and more

I have been using TagMyDoc while it has been in beta and I have come to truly love it. Check out this video.

TagMyDoc is a free service that allows you to add a tag to any document so that you can instantly share it with anyone that scans it with a mobile device.

TagMyDoc allows you to add a tag to any document that you have on your computer or device so that when you print it, anyone can scan the tag on the document with their mobile device to download the digital version. It just works in one click with most file formats. It even works with digital documents! I am able to walk up to any computer and scan and go.

So now next time you head off to attend a children’s ministry conference, local children’s pastors network, or do some of your weekly networking, make sure you have loaded on your iPhone this incredibly fast QR reader and you have signed up for the free account.

This is just another great tool that allows me to stay mobile. Check out the other tools as well here and here.

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