Task #5 for The Blogger Challenge

Task 5 of our 31 days weeks to Build a Better Blog is to email a reader who’s left a comment on your blog.

Darren writes:
Two Ways to Take this Further and Make a Bigger Impression

1. If the person has left a link to their own blog in their comment, leave a comment on their blog. Again, this is another technique I used in my early days of blogging and it was certainly paramount in building readership.
2. Respond to the comment ON your blog. Sending the email is great for making an impression on the individual person, but leaving a comment in your own comment section shows other readers that you’ll engage in conversation. It also helps build comment numbers, which can build social proof and show your blog is active.

So there it is, that is Task #5. If you are following this weekly blogging challenge feel free to write how emailing someone goes for you. Do you see when you leave a comment on others blogs that they tend to come to yours and leave a comment? This is one that hasn’t really helped me much but I would love to hear how it may help you.

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