Task #6 The Blogger Challenge

Here for the Blogger Challenge that I was part of, and since starting, I have fallen behind in, day #6 is about learning from some experienced bloggers some tips and tutorials. I am only going to list a few but there was a ton to read through. Here we go…

1. Seth Godin did a blog post on how to get blog traffic to your blog.

2. Rand Fishkin talks about 21 tips to earn link and tweets to your blog post.

3. Skellie from Skelliewag writes about the 25 Paths to an Insanely Popular Blog

4. Chris Garrett write How to Grow Your Google Authority

I think just after these 4 and no more it provides enough information for your head to explode.

What other articles have you read that were of great help in a subject manner?

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  • I love pretty much anything by Darren Rowse. I also try to read Stuff Christians Like every day. I love his style and hope to incorporate it a bit in my own writing.

  • I have completely enjoyed our 31DBBB time. Lindsey you have done a fantastic job of organizing everything.

  • Hello,
    Love this post… I may have “met” you at 31DBBB if it was last year…. I was part of that using my Parenting Twins and More website. Anyway, I find this post helpful…

  • Thanks for the kind words. Are you still blogging on the other sites?