Task Management obstacles and solutions

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I spend every month with my coaching protegés working on their task management skills. It is a firm belief of mine that those of us in children’s ministries need to be some of the best task managers around. Name any other ministry in the church that has to oversee one of the largest if not the largest volunteer base, run our own worship, reach so many generations of people including their parents and grandparents (because as we all know with kids every family member wants to know what is going on). We also need to run training for more diverse groups, outreach, events, and the list just goes on and on. With all of this along with all the more, we need to become great in task management.

I have complied a list of potential obstacles that could hinder your task management.

– Data overload: Constant collection of emails, text messages, IMs and news pouring into your inbox. When you have a new notification, do you automatically STOP what you are doing, click, read, close? This takes up time, removes your focus and interrupts your work flow.

– Lack of focus: jumping around between tasks decreases productivity and output. Multi-tasking is not what it’s cracked up to be. Stick with one task, finish it and move on.

– Procrastination: when you consistently put off tasks, you end up in a time crunch and can miss deadlines or leave things undone.

– Distractions: take you away from the task, cuts into your time, diminishes focus. Sometimes it is good to be unavailable in this incredibly ever-increasing world of connectedness.

– Disorganization: misplace, misplaced file or lose things and you must waste time searching. I cover this in-depth through coaching about gathering Points.

– Being a digital hoarder: when your inbox and folders are overstuffed, you spend more time searching for documents and emails. This inefficiency wastes your time

“You can manage information and the interruptions, because the problem really doesn’t lie in the amount of information and interruptions. The problem lies with our methods of processing that information and handling the interruptions.”

Some suggestions to get organized.

– Chunk your daily schedule with like-minded task.

– Schedule checking emails at specific times and stick to it. It’s amazing how many people can actually wait to get a response from you over their email sent to you.

– Use your calendar to schedule appointments and to-do’s.

– Use the S.M.A.R.T.E.R. system.

– Keep workplace organize and clear working area at the end of the day.

– Practice the art of delegation.

– Turn off the television

Outside of these quick task management ideas, I would suggest getting a coach who can help develop these concepts more with you.

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