Team building the Nehemiah way part 3

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Depending on how you landed on this page, allow me to urge you before reading this post to start over on part 1, then go to part 2, then come back here to finish with part 3.

In Nehemiah’s third part of building successful teams, Nehemiah kept the teams focused on the big picture and their part in it. The people didn’t need a retreat, or an offsite conference. They needed to get the rocks out of the valley below and placed in the wall, and to finish the job before their enemies could organize.

In pursuing this great task Nehemiah went through what many of us go through as we pursue task that are bigger than ourselves. Here are just a few of the potentially crippling issues that arose but Nehemiah dealt with each one capably.

* The people had to be reassured against violent threats from their enemies, so Nehemiah posted guards so the work would continue (4:16-18).

* Relational problems erupted, so he took corrective measures (5:6-8).

* Enemies sent messages to set fear in their hearts (6:1-9).

Working through these problems and brushing aside distractions, Nehemiah kept everyone focused on the Bigger picture and their part in it.

God used Nehemiah to carry out a huge task through teams. I know that God can do a lot through you as well if you will take the time to follow the same steps that Nehemiah followed.

How are you keeping your teams focused and involved with the big picture and their part in it?

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