Team building the Nehemiah way

team rock faces

Nehemiah is a great biblical example of someone who achieved incredible even jaw dropping success through teams. The protective walls of Jerusalem were in shambles. The people were divided and treating each other poorly. Yet Nehemiah rides in and helps the people rebuild the walls around the entire city in only 52 days! Here’s how.

First, he made sure he had a group that was committed to a common purpose, goals, and
approach and held each other accountable. They knew they could carry out more as a group than they ever could alone. Even though the officials, priests, and nobles ruled the city, they were not this kind of team I just described. They were simply a group of leaders by title. Nehemiah quickly figured out that the natural teams in the city were the family units, priests and Levites, and people formerly from the same geographic region.

These leaders could pull together their people into teams quickly and effectively. He divided the work into more than 40 sections along the wall and brought together family leaders and officials to get it done. (Check out the long list of real teams in Nehemiah 3:1-32.)

How do keep your volunteers committed to a common purpose, goals and approach?
Have you learned to truly spot the leaders in your church?

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