If you want your team to fail, then practice these ideas.


There is a ton written on leadership and what to do if you want to succeed. I thought seeing that there is so much coming from that end with nothing resulting from it, I would try the reverse psychology idea and write from the other direction in hopes of some better results.

If you want to see your team fail then keep setting those impossible goals.
“Big Hairy Audacious Goals” are amazing in terms of getting people to really go beyond where they thought they could, but set too aggressive a goal and a leader can make it impossible for the team to succeed.

Leaders have to show credibility by creating goals that are compelling but not impossible. A good metric is that everyone should feel the goal to be about 10 percent out of their reach. Much more, and the team shuts down at the beginning because the members think success can’t possibly happen. You as the leader may know better but if the team feels it isn’t possible you have now gotten to far ahead of them and the results are never good when this happens.

I have always heard it said that if you let your team know you are a few steps ahead, you are the leader. You let known that you become too many steps ahead you will become the martyr.

If you want your team to fail then keep measuring the wrong things.
Measurement ties back directly to the goals, as well. There’s a lot of human behavior that goes to work every week in ministries, but it goes to work attempting to do something. Make sure that they’re clear on what they’re supposed to do. You can’t blame the construction crew for building to the blueprints and not liking the house. Proper measurement helps decide whether the efforts or the underlying goals are off.

A related problem is the manager who embraces optimism and hates hearing bad news. Employees will tailor their reports to better fit the expectations and prejudices of the leader. That may be comforting in ways, but the practice will undermine all goals and performance.

There’s 2 things that I think you should keep doing if you want your teams to fail.

What would you add?

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