Technology changing Leadership and Involvement

I had the privilege of being able to contribute to opinions on the topic of “The future of children’s ministry”. In this article of mine I attempted to share briefly my thoughts on a change in leadership styles where one (Top down) is on the way out and the other (Decentralize) is on the way in. Since I wrote this I have come across a couple other resources who have written about this thought in ways and I think they have done a great job of saying it better than me or they have added more to some of those brief thoughts of mine posted in the article.

Here is one that is written by where Kenny does a good job of picking up one of the differences from Groups Top 20 Leading the way (I would be interested in learning what criteria they used to come up with this one) and the Top 20 to watch (again this would be interesting what the criteria was to make this list as well). Congrats though for anyone who made either list, I am sure you deserve to be on the list somewhere. Here is what Kenny writes that in part is what I was trying to say through my article:

“…I think that the biggest difference between the two groups is that the first list is mostly filled with ministry pioneers that spoke at conferences, wrote books and articles that impacted thousands (and still do). For some of them, the closest you’re going to get to them is hanging out after a conference (although you’d be surprised how many of them would take time to grab a coffee or lunch with you if you simply asked). However, almost everyone on the second list is immediately available through their blog, twitter and their cell phone. I think that “availability” through technology is what makes these groups so different.”

It is through maybe technology as one possible avenue that will help those who are more use to being the one that people just read their books, attended the conferences and the such that will position the old leadership style to making the change to a newer model of leadership developing.

What are your thoughts?

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