The Ark was 2×2, Volunteer recruitment is 1×1

If you have been in children’s ministry for more than a month, you know the magic bullet that everyone is looking for – Recruiting more volunteers.

There doesn’t seem that a week goes by without hearing from those who work in children’s ministry from the nursery to 5th or 6th grade say the phrase: “We need more help!” Look around in the chat forms from to cmconnect and the list goes on, their filled with post after post on needing help, recruiting volunteers, and even in my coaching for Coaching we have great discussions on how does a children’s pastor get more volunteers?

Everyone is looking for that magic bullet, the one time fix all solution. It is like we want an Ark experience where God calls in the volunteers 2 by 2 and they fill our ministries. I have news for you, unfortunately it has never happened that way and most likely will not happen that way. Instead it is done by 1 person praying and asking 1 person to join.

Some suggestions to help the 1×1 time more enjoyable and potentially more fruitful could be:
1. Make praying for volunteers a priority.
2. Stay consistent in the asking. You must always be pursuing those who stand out to you as potential team members.
3. Make you ministry area a place that people would want to volunteer. Make it fun, relational, important, a ministry that cares more for the people than just filling a spot.
4. Train everyone well and don’t be known for just throwing people into this big black hole and to never be seen again.
5. Create a mentoring type program for all new volunteers. This will not even help the new volunteer in training but it helps to strengthen relationships which is a huge reason people stay.
6. Consistently find ways to make your current volunteers ministry as good as it can be. This is from ensuring they have all the proper resources they need, appreciation shown privately and publicly. Your current volunteers are walking billboards for how you will treat new volunteers. And believe me people are watching.
7. Keep the vision alive and loud.

This list is by no means a complete list. What else would you add?

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