The Toddlers Bible review

I was contacted recently by Matthew Guevara and asked if I would be interested in doing a review on the Toddlers Bible by V. Gilbert Beers. This book, from David C. Cook Publishing, was first published in 1992. It was re-released earlier this year with new artwork and a fresh cover. I welcomed the opportunity seeing that my wife and I have been looking for just the right Bible for our 18- month- old daughter. Well… we found it.

My wife reading the new Toddler Bible to our daughter

The minimal information Amazon offers about the Toddler’s Bible consists of it being a best-seller with more than 700,000 copies sold since it was first published in 1992. The new cover and all new illustrations in this updated version will appeal to todays generations of parents and grandparents. The Toddler’s Bible provides a unique way for parents to begin instilling God’s Word into their child’s heart at an early age. This best-seller is a wonderful introduction to the main events and people in Scripture, including Noah and the flood, Jonah and the whale, Moses and the Ten Commandments, and the resurrection of Jesus, plus many more. Over 100 Bible stories make this Bible ideal for story time.

The thing that truly sold me on this Bible over any others we have looked at so far is, once my daughter saw it, she never wanted to put it down. She loves the colors, the stories chosen, and the amount of stories because it means we are not done reading after just a few minutes. The length of the stories is perfect, as is the ratio of text to pictures.

My wish list for future publications of this wonderful Bible would simply be: Where the art work is in darker colors, the font color should be lighter which would improve readability.  It would also be helpful to increase the size of the font so parents can keep the art work toward the child while reading the Bible to them. But, this could be more a case of a Dad (me) who  needs a stronger eye-glass prescription than a larger font. Lastly, I would recommend making a Kindle version. This would allow parents to have these priceless parent/child moments more often in more places.

In summary, this Toddler Bible is a must have for parents of toddlers who want to begin sharing God’s Word with their child as early as possible. It holds the promise (if allowed) of many rich hours of memory-making family time for child and parent alike.

I was provided with a free copy of this Bible for purposes of this review. While the free copy was certainly appreciated, it did not in any way influence the contents of this review.

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