Time Traps

I was reading a sales book recently where the author was talking about most sales people test out in the highly driven or highly relational personality categories according to the DISC model. It is these two types of people who also have the most difficulty achieving organization. Well, as I studied these two types of people I must say that I think a ton of us pastors would most likely fall under one of these two categories as well.

The highly driven person is task oriented, outgoing individuals who thrive on getting things done. the problem is that this type of person usually is impatient and will move on into the next project if the current one seems to be dragging on a little slower than they feel it should, or if it is not bringing immediate results. This can often times cause them to change priorities which will often times overload them and their plate. They will then switch to a multi-tasking strategy, which they can feel as a challenge. This will often times begin to result in poor work quality and increase in work time. This sometimes will lead this kind of person to feel deep down inside – angry – which they will just tell themselves that hard work pays off in the end.

The highly relational person is outgoing as well, but instead of being task driven, they are people oriented and thrive on influencing people by building relationships. They tend to be impulsive and will over commit. They do excel in communication skills, but tend to overlook the details for good follow through. These will often times cause this type of person to shift priorities to satisfy people, which will monopolize their time. They believe and feel that being busy is a good problem.

As many of us who have read this post so far can identify ourselves in these descriptions many of us have just resigned to stay out of control and just work harder to counter balance this problem. The good news is there is more that we can do to help task manage. I would start by recommending to everyone to read a great book that I just recently read called, “Time Traps” by Todd Duncan. In this book he is addressing sales people but as I read it, I could see pastors and church volunteers in the book as well. Todd Duncan does a great job of helping explain and walk you through setting up boundaries, using technology and using old fashion ways as well to help free up hours everyday in your life. Another great thing I got from this book was not just to learn how to free up time but how to invest all that free time to move me further in the direction I feel God wants for me.

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