Why in todays world is there still no cure for the common cold or recruiting volunteers?


I had posted way back in last July 2012 a post about a topic that just never seems to change. I am still baffled by it and want to post again some more thoughts in this area that baffle me. How is it that we can live in a world that long ago we sent a man to the moon, we have medical advances that baffle the best and brightest, we carry more technology in our phones than what we used to send those men to the moon? Yet, with all of this and so much more, we still have not found a cure for something so basic like the common cold or strategies for successfully recruiting volunteers?

I had listed in that earlier post 14 ways that are constantly talked about when it comes to recruiting volunteers. I want to dissect them a little more here to see whether they are not correct methods or we just are not investing the time to really do these things.

1. It starts with prayer. Yes we may pray but what percentage of our time is devoted to praying for the volunteers we need? Do we really believe God will show us? Have we created a culture of prayer? Have we become so busy that we really are not praying for volunteers?

2. Prepare by creating ministry descriptions, and creating the right culture to receive them in. Have we really created these to say what the volunteers will really do? Have we created them to be too big and not with the volunteer in mind but instead only our hopeful empty slot to be filled?

3. Create a process to train and equip the volunteers in all stages from being brand new to being veterans. Training seems to be a big missing piece in many churches yet the leaders are always looking to be involved in their own training by going to conferences, reading books, networking etc. Once we get a new volunteer, how do we invest in them in every stage of volunteering? This is probably one of the largest overlooked ingredients in helping us move the volunteer topic forward.

I will stop here but will continue to challenge you to think through your time spent in prayer for volunteers. Encourage you to make your descriptions real and relevant. Keep them updated and with your volunteers in mind. Lastly, ask yourself and your team what is your training process and opportunities for all of those involved in volunteering regardless of their stage of volunteering?

So no there may be no cure yet for the common cold or volunteer vacancies, but there are steps we can take to keep us in the best health possible. This is a start don’t you think?

How do you fulfill these listed today?

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