Tools for a better children’s ministry-Capture, Execute, Organize

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Stop here and read these earlier post (if you have not followed already) before you continue reading this. Capture, and Execute.

Now for today and the last one in this series that I am going to do.

My last tool that I use to help create a work smooth flow which in return helps me be more creative, deliberate, organized, purposeful, impactful, and successful in my ministry is Workflowy.

How does this work for me?

As you have read now in my earlier post I use Evernote to capture everything. I use it with clipping web sites and articles, to taking photos with my phone, and even using the Evernote voice recorder on my iPad. Once I have everything captured through my whole day, weeks, months and yes even years, I constantly use the search filter that is extremely great to dig out nuggets that I want to personally do, think about, work on with my teams, write about etc.. I add these nuggets to Trello boards. This allows me to share, keep track of progress, delegate, record, create to-do list, check list and so much more.

Then there is my private side of productivity. I want items not all lumped into Evernote to be brought out but I am not wanting to work on them in groups or with anyone else. Yes Trello can keep these type of things separate and private but Workflowy gives a different view of my list that go in. And the great additional piece that I like about Workflowy that Trell does not have for me, my daily or weekly email of my Workflowy. Yes I like to get that email as a reminder of what is still on the list. This email is like my comfort food of mashed potatoes, or pizza. It is not really any better than other foods I enjoy eating, it just serves personally a different felt purpose.

There you are my 3 steps and the tools I use to bring about the results that God has allowed me to enjoy in children’s ministry over the last 20+ years.

What is your system to stay creative, sharp, relevant, successful in your children’s ministry?

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