Top 100 Kidmin tweeters


There is a new top 100 list that has come out and I have made the list. What is this list? The top 100 Kidmin tweeters. I have copied a section below from a statement where the small team who put together the list gives for putting it together.

Why Twitter?

Twitter is in and of itself its own animal. For a number of reasons we chose to go beyond the top blogs, books, and organizations to connect you to people who are on the front lines of #kidmin.

Networking: Kidmin can often feel lonely and very isolated. Twitter is a great way for you to connect and network with others like-minded people who may potentially become friends, advisors, and colleagues.

Community: Going beyond networking into a deeper level of connection Twitter has the potential to give a community, of sorts, for you. Obviously you are not encouraged to find only community within Twitter, but you will find it to be a place where other ministry leaders can spur you on, pray for you, and inspire you as you continue working in your ministry.

Resourcing: Following top #kidmin tweeters can instantly connect you with the most influential and up to date resources available to support and equip you as a ministry leader.

Trending: Ministry is as constantly changing as our world today. Twitter connects you to those changes and trends that may very well be useful for you in your area of ministry. From there you can share, exchange, and discuss to decide what will work best for you and your community.

Do you tweet?

How do you find it to be useful in what you do?

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