Top 2012 Posts


I will jump in with everyone and do my end of the year most viewed post for 2012.

1. The need for communication in children’s ministry and part 2 Needed communication in children’s ministry .

Summary: With these 2 post I basically explain why, how and what I use to communicate with the different audiences that all of us children’s pastors must be ready to communicate with. Often times it is a lack of proper communication that causes a many derailment to children’s ministries.

2. A difference between the front and the back of the house

Summary: Due to my past training in management through the restaurant field, I have established for myself a clear direction in what I refer to as front of the house (example: check in counters, greeters) and back of the house (snack runners, sound etc.). In each area you there is a different feel and different public responsibilities.

3. Value or non-value added ministry efforts

Summary: This was a very painful 6 month self discovery where God challenged me to think through what things I do everyday, every week, and every month that are truly adding value to the ministry He has called me to here at my church.

4. Effective meetings can happen and Effective meetings can happen part 2

Summary: The title really covers it. I give tips to turn your meetings into EFFECTIVE meetings so that everyone will feel that their time, thoughts and contributions are appreciated. EFFECTIVE meetings should energize, give direction and inspire confidence about what your team can achieve.

I am going to stop with my top 4. Why 4? Because everyone else is doing top 5, top 10, top 12 because of 2012, top 13 because of 2013, top 20 etc. I will have mine to be just a top 4.

Hope you enjoy.

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