Top 5 from 3/27-4/2

Every Monday I always spend time in reviewing my past week in much more detail than I do through the week as it all unfolds. This review is always a highlight of my week because I get the opportunity to sit down with coffee in hand and all my notes throughout the week, and the notes I get from some of my coordinators direct reports.

So today, I thought I would also post a review of blog post that people visited the most from the site last week. Maybe you missed one of them, so here is to helping you catch up, not miss out, and remind you of some that you could help share with others.

1. Finally the true secret to finding volunteers

2. WordPress teaching me children’s ministry

3. Making a living or building a Cathedral

4. You think you know how to motivate think again.

5. 11 book that have caused change in my life since reading. (I have to say this list only includes books read before 3/11. Since then I would add some more and will post on those in a later post).

There they are, do you see your favorite in the list or which one that is not in the list that you thought would be? I do appreciate anytime you can take the post that you enjoy and invest into others lives by sharing them with others.

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