Top 5 most read post from 5/20/12 to 5/26/12

Here is a summary of the most read post by each of you for the past week. It also appears that the week’s top 4 post are also the top post read for the month, with only 1 new addition for the most read post for the month. Another interesting item to note is that the number one read post for the week and the month has been there for the past 2 months.

Thanks for reading and hope my post have served as encouragement, challenges, new ideas, and a resource of some type.

Most read for the week
5. My daily tools used to stay mobile part 2
If you would like to read the first part of this you may by clicking here

4. Elements of a get it done culture part 3
If you want to read the other parts as well you may by checking them out here:
Elements of a Get it done culture part 1
Elements of a get it done culture part 2

3. Value or non-value added ministry efforts

2. What success looks like

1. Needed communication in children’s ministry part 2
To read part one you can click here.

Again, hope these provided and met some needs of yours. Thanks for your readership.

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