Top 5 posts and bottom 5

I am looking over the past posts of blogging and first noticed that it has been hard for me to post anything close to regular postings. The thing that amazes me most is the traffic that has still come in with some of the posts and the lack of traffic on some others.

Today I will post the top 5 visited posts and the bottom 5 (ignored) posts. Maybe as you look over the bottom 5 you will see that you just missed it but actually enjoy it.  You could help me to spread the word by linking to it or mentioning it in the facebook world or the twitter world. Maybe you will read one of the top 5 and help move one of them to my all time top blog post.

The power is in your hands. Thanks for following.

Top 5
1. 7 Questions to hitting your target.

2. Everyone is a walking billboard

3. Coaching Now even though this is not a blog post it still continuously ranks in the top 5 things landed on on my blog site.

4. You think you know how to motivate? Think again.

5. 11 Books that have caused change in my life since reading.

Now here is the bottom 5

1. American idol leadership

2. Successful people have successful habits

3. Risk to become better

4. Gods style pouring

5. Growth through vision

Hope you enjoy the top 5 and the bottom 5.

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