Top 5 post for the week of August 28-Sept.3

Today I will post a quick recap of the 5 most read post for the week.

1. Some top iPad apps according to me 5/16/11
This post is basically what the title says, top apps that I enjoyed as of the week I posted it. What other apps would you add?

2. When to use my MacBook Air vs. iPad
In this post I explain the reasons behind the ways I switch between my macbook air and my iPad. They are both very powerful tools to use but I am finding that even though I can use either one to be productive throughout my whole day there still seems to be times that I prefer one over the other.

3. Insane volunteer recruiting
This is the post which kicked off my series of post over volunteer recruiting and some very ineffective ways that some people have used and even though the results have not been accomplished they still try to use the same methods and blame everything else except their ineffective ways.

Since these show up in the top 5 I will just point you now where you can read the rest of them:

Insane Volunteer recruiting part 2

Insane Volunteer recruiting part 3

4. Above or Below the line ministry results have reasons
Here I recap some great lessons from a book I was reading that talked about above and below the line type ministry results and how they are for a reason.

A. Above the line’ are steps to accountability, See It, Own It, Solve It, and Do It. People who adhere to these steps of accountability almost always think and act in an accountable manner…

B. Below that line’ is the all to familiar blame game or victim cycle. People who get stuck in the blame game begin feeling victimized by circumstances that seem out of their control…

5. Making a Living or Building a Cathedral?
This is one of the post that have made the top 5 list several times. It was written a long time ago which you will be able to notice seeing that the children’s ministry of mine I am mentioning is from the past but I could and do say the saem thing about my children’s ministry now in SFLCKids.

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