Top Five Post for April 29-May 5th

Here on Monday I am taking a look back at some of the more popular post that had more readership than other here on the site. If you missed any of these I will link to them again.

Enjoy the reading.

1. Needed communication in children’s ministry Part 2
Here is where I am sharing groups that those of us who lead children’s ministry need to make sure we are covering with great communication.

2. The need for communication in children’s ministry.
What a surprise that this is part one of the earlier post on communicating with the various groups of people that we as children’s pastors communicate with.

3. Value or non-value added ministry efforts
I was challenged to think through what things I do everyday, every week, and every month that are truly adding value to the ministry He has called me to here at my church. The results stung more than I expected them to. Beware, this is a bare all confession.

4. Effective Meetings Can Happen
To turn your meetings into a time that is EFFECTIVE, I share some ideas to create an environment where participants can bring their strengths and ideas to the table to make meetings effective.

5. My daily tools used to stay mobile prt 1 and My daily mobile tools part 2
The title on these pretty much tell you what the post are about. It is funny as I read over these two post that were written not even 3 months ago, how much has changed with my mobile tools already. Technology sure does move quick.

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