Top iPad apps going into 2014

Using a tablet computer

I have enjoyed the use of iPads since I bought the first version all the way to my iPad mini which is my default iPad now.

You can read some of the post I made about apps that I enjoyed by reading my post at: Scanner Pro; Top apps 5/16/11; 11 Favorite iPad apps going into 2011

So there are some quick links into apps from past post and now let me look into the apps that are new or still on my iPad as we go into 2014.

Let me start by saying the apps I will list with links will not include some of my apps that have always been part of my app picks since day one like: Facebook, Flipboard, HootSuite, My Bank of America app, Dropbox, Kindle, 1Password or Skype. The following are apps that are becoming part of my regular tool belt.

1. WordPress

2. Hopto

3. Notability

4. GoodReader

5. EverClip

6. Pocket

7. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

8. TED

I will stop with these because I am more interested in what you are using and find helpful. Please post in the comments here what you are using, what have made your must haves, what you may be experimenting with even.

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