True Gauge of KidMin Success

If you are like me every week I review every area of our children’s ministry. I look over every age, every ministry, review all the leaders who ministered that week, review videos of the services that I filmed, talk with kids about their experience, talk with their parents about what they heard their kids share with them, I review attendance for that day and compare to past attendance, and so much more. I record all of this down and take it into consideration as I prepare the next service and the next elements of surprise for all the kids and families to be able to experience.

It brings me great joy through all of these wonderful reports I get back and I can often be tempted to chalk this off as success. This is when I need to be careful. Look with me in 1 Thessalonians 1:4-8 (NCV):

“Brother and sisters, God loves you, and we know He has chosen you, because the Good News we brought to you came not only with words, but with power, with the Holy Spirit, and with sure knowledge that it is true. Also you know how we lived when we were with you in order to help you. And you became like us and like the Lord…So you became an an example to all the believers…And the Lord’s teaching spread from your faith in God has become known everywhere.”

These verses in 1 Thessalonians help us to remember, it is not about the new illusion we get to use, the systems and processes we set up that have effected the efficiency, or any creative idea we implement, skits we use, things we set on fire or blow up, not even a new worship song we introduce to the kids.

The gauge of success is and should be can we say with a full certainty that the Holy Spirit undeniably and powerfully showed up! Our children will never be the same again because they are being made more into the image of our Lord, they are becoming an example to all believers, they are spreading the message, and their faith is being known all over.

That my friends is the “True Gauge of KidMin Success”.

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