Tuesday’s book is 5 Levels of Leadership


I had finished another book by John Maxwell titled: 5 Levels of Leadership. I have found this book as with all of John Maxwells book very good. And as always when I am done with a book I ask myself how can this help me in being a better children’s Pastor?

Here is a brief overview of the book first. The 5 Levels that John talks about in the book are:

Level 1-Position. Anyone can be appointed a position but does not make them a leader.

Level 2 -Permission. People follow because they want to. You have developed trust.

Level 3 – Production. Here is where people will follow because of what you have done for the organization.

Level 4- People development. Here the leader becomes known to not just get things done but they invest in others and help them develop.

Level 5- Pinnacle. This is a level that only naturally gifted leaders make it to. Here people follow because of who the leader is and what they represent.

As I was rolling these levels over and asking myself how can this help me become a better children’s pastor I had a few thoughts.

In children’s ministry we lead a variety of people and usually a lot of them ranging from the kids in our ministries to the parents and even grandparents of each child. We have the opportunity to influence each one but our influence will shorten out if we are not working on our leadership. Each one of these levels are built upon the other.

The higher you go the more time and commitment it takes to advance into a new level. Because of the time needed it will create a change in how we must spend our time. When days were once filled with hanging with kids and having super soaker wars, we will find that often those times are replaced with us training teams to hang with the kids and have the super soaker wars while we work on leading the volunteers and investing in the parents for example. But never fear, there should always be some time still scheduled for that occasional super soaker war that you could show up in.

Each new level of growth will require new skills to be learned. My team building building skills that I had to learn when my team was a handful of people as compared to when my teams became a few hundred are completely different.

So there are a few things that I was able to take from this book and incorporate into my ministry to the kids, their families, and my volunteers. I do recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to go to another level in their leadership.

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