UberConference for state of the art conference calls

I just ran across this wonderful new tool that truly looks very promising. What tool am I referring to? UberConference.
Watch this video for an early preview of this tool and then make sure you sign up with your email to gain early access.

I love innovation like this. Enjoy a new way to have those team meetings, be easier on your volunteers schedules, use this for your volunteer training times.

Then UberConference brings a whole new visual dimension to audio conference calls. From any computer, anyone in the call can see the names, photos, and other information of the others in the call. The display shows the current speaker, and the organizer has a number of helpful tools to keep the conference running smoothly. They can record calls, mute participants to get rid of background noise or put “earmuffs” on people they may not want to hear part of the conversation.

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