Unlock a new level of your childrens ministry

Padlock Potential

In the book The Attention Revolution—Unlocking the Power of the Focused Mind, author B. Alan Wallace explores the potential of a mind practiced in sustained focus. He writes,

“… geniuses of all kinds excel in their capacity for sustained voluntary attention. Just think of the greatest musicians, mathematicians, scientists, and philosophers throughout history–all of them, it seems, have had an extraordinary capacity to focus their attention with a high degree of clarity for long periods of time. A mind settled in such a state of alert equipoise is a fertile ground for the emergence of all kinds of original associations and insights. Might “genius” be a potential we all share–each of us with our own unique capacity for creativity, requiring only the power of sustained attention to unlock it? A focused mind can help bring the creative spark to the surface of consciousness. The mind constantly caught up in one distraction after another, on the other hand, may be forever removed from its creative potential.”

Shut your office door. Turn your email off. Let your phone go to voice mail. Now, commit to yourself that you will focus completely on one children’s ministry project for a set time, like 1 hour. Notice what happens in that hour? Do you work more rapidly? More creatively? With more satisfaction?

Keep this up by killing multitasking. Instead work on one project, then the other. Watch and see the new levels you will unlock in your children’s ministry.

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