Using online storage and syncing in children’s ministry


Children’s ministry as I have said here and here can benefit from the world of technology that we have at our disposal today.

Here are two more great tools that I enjoy using in my children’s ministry.

Online storage.
The two that I enjoy the most are Dropbox and Box cloud services. With both of these I run all of my coaching from. The students buy each unit and I am able to add all the shared material to each one of the their folders and it stays updated in real-time as I add stuff or they work on stuff. Speed is great.

I will use Dropbox for everything that I do which may be shared. The online storage of Box I use for all things personal that will not be shared but I want access to at all times from any of my devices and places I may go.

Then there is syncing my iPad, MacBook Pro, iMac, iPhones and even PC files that are used from our church that are being stored there for me. The item I have come to enjoy the most for this is SugarSync.

With this piece of technology, even though it does cost a little, makes my life so enjoyable. I never have to worry with my mobile life style and ministry if I will ever be in need of some information that I have on another computer. I will always have everything with me. Not to mention that SugarSync also will back up my data.

Do you use either of these?

How do you us them? What is your system or process for use?

What would you recommend for some to check out?

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