Using Skype and Live Minutes in Children’s Ministry

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Living today is so exciting with all the advances we have through technology that makes many professions more efficient. Children’s ministry or Family ministry, whichever one you call it is one of those that can be much more efficient due to technology.

I mentioned yesterday how using Facebook and Twitter have benefited me in ministry. Today I want to talk about two more advances in technology that have made my everyday life in ministry much smoother and has provided more margin in my life as well.

When I first got into ministry I thought that my main job was going to be hanging out with the kids and playing with them all day while living and sharing about Jesus. It did not take me long to realize that this picture was very inaccurate. So many other things started popping up, like meetings. The larger the church that I have been part of the more meetings I tend to have to be part of. So today I can find myself running from one meeting to another.

Let me introduce you to two tools that are in my bag of ministry tricks.

Yes Skype can be a free video conferencing tool that will allow you the opportunity to open up your laptop or desktop, use a built-in camera (I use a MacBook pro who has a built-in which is much quicker and less extra parts to mess with) and connect with your friend in real-time for that meeting. Skype also has a group plan which for around $50.00 a year allows you to Skype with up to 10 people all on the same video call. It will work on your iPad and iPhone as well.

Then we have…

Live Minutes.
Here is a great tool that does what Skype or group Skype does by allowing up to 9 people to join but here is the additional benefit of Live Minutes, it provides a place to add excel, word, PDF type documents and work on them together in real-time. You can add more documents during the video call as well and then when it is all done everyone can get a recording and PDF of the video meeting. No more wondering who was going to do what after the meeting is over.

With these 2 tools I have moved an estimated 70% of my meetings to online. I now have more time for my family, friends, and hanging out with the kids in the ministry and playing with them. Not to mention the dress code for meetings has now changed.

What other tools do you use to give margin in your life?

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