Using the right equipment or perceived right equipment

Often times I see people in ministry who have heard about a new software that will do something spectacular that makes checking in their families more efficient or I listen to conversations where people are discussing the latest greatest computer that they just bought or app that they have downloaded.

One would think with all these new tools or toys (that is sometimes more the appropriate name for what we buy today) that people would just be walking around celebrating. That is most often not the case. Too often people are learning what others are using and they will go out and buy it themselves (I fight this myself as much as anyone else). After the money is spent and we own it we realize that it does not work for us like they told us it worked for them. maybe because we did not have the same problem trying to be solved but instead we dreamed of how we could use the extras for things we didn’t know we had to solve yet.

When we purchase stuff for ministry we should purchase for the issues we are having trouble with not so much buy something that has so many extras that solve issues we are not even having yet so that we spend time trying to figure out how to use all the extra new features.

So go and have the freedom to get the right equipment for your needs, but don’t go and buy tools to try and find needs for because that is what everyone else is using. Run your race, buy your equipment, solve the unique issues for your ministry.

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