Value or non-value added ministry efforts

Over the past 6 months I feel I have been challenged by God to think through what things I do everyday, every week, and every month that are truly adding value to the ministry He has called me to here at my church. This may sound easy, but it has been anything but that. I perceived everything I was doing as adding value to what He called me to do, but I could not have been more wrong.

My discoveries 6 months later…
Very little of what I tend to do was specifically adding value to what I have been called to do. Ouch!

So changes started…
I got away and spent time asking who and what have You (God) called me to? I am called first (outside of to my family of course) to the families of my church and the Kansas City, MO area. I was unfortunately living the way I think and see many others trying and live. I felt called to the “world”, and my church served as my tent-making way of living. Doing ministry with this type of unrealized motives created very little value-adding ministry efforts to the ministry I am called to. My church never cared how many conferences I spoke at, camps that I spoke at, or committees I chaired or lead. None of those things added any true value to those God wanted me to reach first.

I finally had to realize there was a vast difference, as Ernest Hemingway has put it, between “motion and action”. It was so easy to forget that the work which I spent so many of my working hours on was not truly guided by what those I was called to reach really viewed as value. They didn’t care about all of the services I put together for camps, conferences, etc.. They cared more about answers, solutions, and results that solved their issues.

What activities may you be doing that might look productive, but don’t actually provide value for those God has called you to reach first? Step back and examine your daily activities for truly value-adding work that those you are called to reach first really want. I think this new view will reveal enormous opportunities for improvement, both in what you do and how you do it.

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