Volunteer recruitment the never statisfied topic

I have been in full time children’s ministry for years and there seems to be a couple topics that just never seem to be answered satisfactory for people. This topic even though there are books, blogs, conferences, networks, social media sites and so much more that write and discuss it in full and the all the while basically end up saying the same things, we just never seem to get enough.

The topic? Volunteer recruitment.

Here is a very quick over view of what seems to keep coming up being said on this topic minus the how to’s.

1. Pray
2. Prepare by creating ministry descriptions, creating the right culture to receive them in.
3. Create a process to train and equip the volunteers in all stages from being brand new to being veterans.
4. Invest in them, get to know them
5. Establish such a great environment and ways you already treat your current volunteers as they will be your walking billboards to new and potential volunteers.
6. Immerse them in your vision and mission. In order to do that, make sure you know what it is and it is in writing.
7. Set them up with those who can walk with them and model what you are looking for.
8. Establish lines of communication so they never feel alone, and have access to get answers promptly.
9. Be known as a ministry that gives the proper tools to those who volunteer.
10. Allow volunteers to minister where they are gifted in.
11. Ask people to volunteer after you have watched them, so they know you are paying attention.
12. Make sure the path to start volunteering in your ministry is as clear and free of hindrances as possible.
13. Train and set up the culture of all volunteers help recruit other volunteers
14. Look for volunteers everywhere and be ready to share with them how the ministry will help them and not just how they can help the ministry.

Ok, so there are just 14 broad strokes on what I have seen over all the years in children’s ministry on the topic of volunteer recruitment. I may have left a couple out but they may also be able to be clumped into the general ones I have listed here already.

So with only 14 general items, why do we still have trouble? Is it we want a magic bullet? An easy step that takes no working it? When can we move past this never satisfied topic. Is this topic showing us that we are treating the wrong thing because we are not solving it?

Share your thoughts and any other items I may have left off from my brief list.

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