Ways to improve productivity part 1

This blog has always been intended to “Equip and Inspire World Changers on their leadership journey”. Part of equipping world changers is to provide more proven ways to be a better task manager. This is what I am going to do again. Here are a few things that I use to help me stay as productive as I can be.

1. Use voice mail to increase efficiency. If you need uninterrupted time to finish an important project, voice mail allows you to identify who’s calling and temporarily screen out less urgent calls. If you’re in a hurry, leaving a voice mail message will let you avoid lengthy conversations punctuated by the usual social niceties.

2. Handle each piece of paper that crosses your desk only ONCE using the “6 D” System:
* Discard (toss)
* Delegate (route to someone else)
* Do (if you can complete it in three minutes or less)
* Date (put in your tickler file for future action)
* Drawer (project or reference files)
* Deter (get off the distribution list)

3. To avoid getting into a long, drawn-out conversation with Mr. Difficult or Ms. Chatty, call them during lunch. Chances are, they will be out, and you can leave a short voice mail message. Or call at the end of the day, when you know people are trying to get home and will be less likely to talk incessantly.

4. If you suspect you’re not using your time as efficiently as possible, use a Focus Journal (time log) to keep track of HOW you spend your day. Write down what you’re doing throughout the day and how long it takes— you may find that you’re wasting time in surprising ways.

5. Pay attention to your peak energy times. Force yourself to “buckle down” and do your work during this time; we are usually “up” and enjoy socializing and wasting time instead.

What other ones would you add?

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