Ways to improve productivity part 2

Wanted to follow up with some other ideas I use to stay productive throughout the day. Please feel free to comment on other ways and or ideas that you use to stay productive.

1. Try to give yourself the first two hours of your workday to concentrate. Attempt to steer meeting times around it, let the phone go to voice mail, don’t check your email, and schedule later times with drop-in visitors. You’ll be amazed how much you can accomplish in two hours of focused concentration.

2. Sometimes a change of scenery can be a real productivity booster. The next time you need a block of uninterrupted time to finish your children’s service, move into an empty office or book a conference room. If your schedule permits, you may choose to work at home or at a local coffee shop for a couple of days. A change of scenery not only curbs interruptions, it also gives you fresh perspective.

3. Keep only those things that you touch or use DAILY on top of your desk. Anything that isn’t used frequently shouldn’t be out cluttering up your surfaces. When you finish using an item, put it back immediately.

4. Attack your reading pile. Throw away all but the current issues of Children’s Ministry Magazine or K Magazine. The rest is old news. Don’t read magazines cover to cover. The task is simply too overwhelming. Go through the table of contents, rip out the ones that grab your attention, and then throw the rest of the magazine away. When you’re through weeding through your stack, the actual task will be much less formidable. Then spend the rest of the weekend catching up on the important reading. You could try the timer technique for each article. Get an egg timer and set it for 15 minutes for each item. When it goes off, toss the article. I also use a “Neat” scanner and throw all read articles into Evernote. Evernote has an incredible search feature to allow me to pull up anything I have read previously.

5. Don’t have time to read any of the 150,000 books published in the US each year? Neither do I! I signed up for a Book summary service. Here are the two that I use: Leaders Book Summaries and Read It For me.

Can you add any other ideas?

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