Wednesday tech for CM is irunurun

I am going to try something new and see if it helps me during busy seasons of children’s ministry to be a little more focused and purposed in my blogging. I am going to try to make:

– Mondays post about people I want to learn from and some ideas of what I could learn from.
– Tuesdays about books that I have read on various topics but relate them back to how they can help me or anyone to have a more successful children’s ministry.
– Wednesday will be over some tech tool or gadget and the possible use of how to use it in children’s ministry.
– Thursday I am leaving open now as I am not completely sure what direction I want to go with it now.
– Friday, being my day off I will end my blogging week with some type of video to watch. maybe a music, teaching, funny, or I just don’t know now.

So to stay true to my schedule I just layed out for everyone, here is a web-based app I will start with for my Wednesday tech for children’s ministry:


IRUNURUN is a performance and accountability app designed to help people and organizations meet their goals through focus, consistency, and accountability. Improve in being a faithful book reader (because we all know that leaders are readers), start a ministry adventure, get in shape (so you can make the long and strenuous run of being in full-time children’s ministry), build great relationships through strategic networking‚Ķanything.

Whatever your goals, you need to decide what actions will get you there. Decide how much or how often they need to be done, weigh their relative importance, and track your progress.
Actions speak louder than goals. You can even allow a team of people to share the same action track for greater accountability.

So to be the best children’s pastor you can be, here is just one tool in your tool bag that will help you take the steps needed to be just that.

If you want some extra reading on this app then jump on over to their blog.

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