What’s left in your wake?

I love the water and I really love to fish. Often, while I am fishing, boaters who have no idea what they are doing will zoom by at warp speed and leave a terrible wake behind them which messes up my fishing. In many lakes there is a no wake law or there are signs which tell how each boater is responsible for the wake he or she creates and any damage it may cause.

For those of you who may not be familiar with a wake, it is the path of moving water a boat leaves behind when it is in motion. At times boats create such a wake that it causes not only fishermen to get upset but other boat owners as well. How? The wake comes in after it builds up some height and causes the other boats that are docked to crash into the dock, scraping them up. Therefore, without ever touching someone else’s boat or dock a boater can be responsible for the ramifications of the wake they leave behind.

In leadership, what actions are you leaving behind in your wake? As you live life everyday, life creates motion and actions that result in wakes. Leaders and non-leaders affect things and people behind them and out of their field of vision.

Have you checked your speed lately? Have you truly explored a 360° view of who is around? What about the examples that you are setting in word and deed?

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