What American Pickers and Children’s Ministry have in common


One of the things that I am starting to understand more fully is the importance of the story behind things. I watch American Pickers and see how they want to hear the story behind each item they pick, because it makes the item they are picking more valuable to the person buying it. In another show I watch Pawn Stars there too they want to hear the story because they understand how knowing and sharing the story is powerful. In the time the Bible was written you can see how the sharing of the story and passing the stories down were important.

Nothing has changed, it is imperative that we start to really share the core story about our children’s ministries. The story will help connect people to the ministry and the ministry to the people. It is time to stop talking about how much better we are than this____? Stop that, just share your ministry core story.

Thoughts and Questions:
1. How do you share your core story from your children’s ministry?

2. Do you agree or disagree that sharing the core stories from your ministries is important?

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