What I could learn from my friend Karl Bastian

Today is the start of Mondays when I will post a little about people who I know or know of that I could learn stuff from. There will always be more things that i could learn from each person I post on because of the quality of people who I will choose to post on. My goal is to just show one or two things from the many to write on.

I could not start this kind of post without starting with a great friend of mine who has always been there for me in good and bad times but has always treated me the same. His name is Karl Bastian.

Karl is a children’s pastor, entrepreneur, leader, creative thinker, a husband to a great lady, a father to a wonderful son, and just an all round great man of God. The thing out of all his great areas I could learn more from Karl is how he treats everyone the same and cares for all. Karl is such a giver, he gives the benefit of doubt to everyone and treats everyone the same. He does not give more attention to those who are at a large church than he does to those who minister to 5 kids in a shared hallway with no resources.

Karl thanks for modeling this as it has helped me in many areas of my life now. Because of you and your consistency over the years I am a better children’s pastor.

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