What they didn’t teach you in seminary book review

what they didnt teach you in seminary

In the book of What They Didn’t Teach You in Seminary: 25 Lessons for Successful Ministry in Your Church he acknowledges that education is important but there are still valuable lessons that must be learned that can not happen in the classroom.

Here is the list from this author who loves and appreciates what a seminary education offers, but has been in the actual trenches of pastoral ministry for a while now. This list is of those lessons gathered that were never taught to him in seminary. Enjoy.

Emotional survival. Ministry is emotionally hard, take care of yourself by working in your sweet spots and pursue emotional replenishment.

Five C’s. When hiring someone, look for Character, Competence, Catalytic ability, Chemistry, and Calling.

The next big thing. Before adopting any great next big idea, know and understand the “why” behind it.
** I teach my coaching students this very same thing as they are challenged to network with and learn from the next size children’s ministry. As they do this they are not to ask about the “what” as much as the “why” behind it.

It’s the weekend stupid. Sunday is your greatest opportunity to impact people; make sure it is great!

Forever Young. The church naturally skews old; intentionally target the young and you will get all the generations, target the old and you’ll the young.

It’s not rocket science. Growing a church or your ministry is not really complicated, it’s just hard work. Prayer, Inviting people, Putting on a quality service – all are just hard work.

Bone structure. Set your ministry up so that the leaders can lead. I find with this one if you don’t design this to happen they will not only not lead but they will leave!

These are only a few of the lessons James Emery White shares from his lessons, but as you can probably see they are good ones. Get the book and read the rest of them because there are so many more nuggets of gold to mine from his book.

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