What were we thinking?

Have you ever had those moments where you stood back and asked yourself “What was I thinking?” At the moment it seemed like a great idea but once you came to your senses you realized that it was not the greatest idea you have had.

Here in this video Tim, Jim and Bob talk about the perils of childhood and I feel it also falls under the category of what I call “What were we thinking?”:

I remember wearing shorts like Tim talks about and sliding down the metal slides. My sister and I had the paddle ball game as well which did translate into us supplying our parents with weapons to use on us, well mainly me because I was the child who was more than a handful.

One ministry moment like that for me was the time we covered the parking lot of Walmart with Easter eggs for an Easter event and had a helicopter hover over to drop some marshmallows for extra prizes. Great idea I thought, until the wind from the blades of the helicopter began to blow all the marshmallows and eggs down the sewer drains in the parking lot and kids began to dive after them. What was I thinking?

So what are some of your “What was I thinking?” ideas?

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