What’s your day look like…


I hear this question so many times from so many children’s pastors and leaders in general, “What does your day/week look like?”

I thought I would go ahead and turn today’s post into a list post that will briefly show my week and how I have chosen to “chunk” my agenda for each day of the week. Allow me to also say that with each one of our schedules they should really reflect where we are going, what assignments God has us individually working on. As you review peoples schedules make sure you don’t cross over into comparing your schedule to others. Doing this comparison can sometimes be a disguise of “Pride” (look how much more I do than so and so..) or “Shame” (wow I don’t do anything compared to so and so..).

Again, as you review schedules don’t look at the amount or minimum that each one does, but look at the flow of their day. How have they chunked similar type projects together to keep them going in similar directions so they have less stop and start for the day which will allow them to maintain better momentum.  I believe so much in this I work with everyone of my coaching proteges to help them get this accomplished for themselves. And then I celebrate as they share with me the great results they are experiencing.

Monday (Admin, Coaching, Reading)

– Go through process files. This is a file electronic and paper file that I throw things that I dont want to lose but it is not mandatory for me to look at right then.
– Send emails
– Review week and prep for future
– Set up church networking schedule. Who am I going to network with this week, month etc.
– Write/Call cp’s to encourage
– Set up lunches, mtgs., read selected books
– Coaching Skype calls
– Review from Sunday
– Create Mail Chimp newsletter
– Contact new visitors
– Set time apart for vision casting


– Pastoral team mtg
– Eat lunch with someone
– Eat Breakfast with someone
– School assemblies
– Touch base with new volunteers, go over background checks for future volunteers
– Eat at schools if not with someone
– Building network with other churches by visiting them
– Meetings scheduled
– Sunday School appreciation cards

Wednesday (Writing, Reading, Coaching)

– Write sermons, curriculum, blog, articles to publish, Light Coaching appointments
– At night I make rounds through all children’s ministry areas and check in with parents and leaders to get unofficial feedback concerning cm overall.

Thursday (Training, Networking, Ministry improvements)

– Improve 1 thing for each ministry I am over. usually from my MBWA list (Management By Walking Around List)
– Network with cp’s
– Meeting overflow from Tuesday
– Work on training from Lynda.com which I provide for my team as well.
– CP Network (email team, send individual encouragement)
– Visit Kids
– Social network

Friday (Day Off)
This is the day that I get to choose what I want to do. A lot of wife time while kids are at school. Reading, walking etc.

Saturday (Ministry, Follow up, and family time)

– Review Sunday message before bed
– Read
– Ministry with teams
– Outreach
– Check in with JBQ, Nursery, Jr. Jam, Sunday School, Jam City leaders to make sure all are ready for the morning.
– Drive community to look for new places for ministry opportunities and keep in touch with the community flow

Sunday (Church, training)

– Arrive at church and make my rounds through the facility, start computers for check in, start the coffee for my team and me.
– Go to pastoral prayer and check in with everyone
– Greet all my team leaders when they arrive and pray with them and hold stand up mtgs
– Church (preach and all) and then training each group of ministry I am responsible for on their assigned Sunday of the month after service.
– Go to lunch with friends or ministry leaders or new visitors.

There you go, a brief overview of my weekly schedule. I try to the best of my ability to keep common themed items on the same day so that again as stated above it helps me with not having that feel of multi-tasking. I can also tell you that my schedule does change and gets adapted as God brings in new things, and this schedule above is by no means a detail of any day (seeing I left out family time, personal time, God time etc) but hopefully will serve as an overview to show chunking.


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