What’s your reason for wanting leadership?

As time goes by and I get the priveledge of talking with more and more leaders over the years, one thing is becoming even more obvious to me: Peoples core reasons for leading.

Many people are interested and strive to be in leadership because of what they imagine it can provide for them. Some of those provisions they thing will be there are:
1. Power
2. Control
3. Perks or just down right being served by others.

These can all happen at least for seasons but the life of a true leader is actually quite different from those expectations. The life a leader involves:
1. Helping others fix problems and moving forward
2. Empowering others
3. Serving others.

See, leaders lead for the joy of creating and fulfilling something bigger than themselves. Let’s read a couple things from some leaders who I think from what they have expressed show this exact kind of spirit.

Warren Bennis says how he wants to publish books “that disturb the present in the service of a better future.”

Hyrum Smith expressed: “Leaders conduct planned conflict against the status quo.”

So what are your real reasons for wanting to be a leader? Is it to have yourself empowered or to empower others? Who are you serving and if those people were asked would they say you are serving them, empowering them, and providing help to them or would their thoughts and feelings say that is more of what they are doing for you?

Let’s check our reasons constantly for being leaders.

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