Who ever said childrens ministry would be easy?

I love my job, my calling, my profession, my occupation, the thing that I get to do everyday – Be a children’s pastor. I can not think of another thing that would be better suited for me, thank you God! Because I get to live this everyday, I also get to talk with others who are living this thing we call being a children’s pastor out everyday as well. It never seems to stop where some think that this was going to be easier than it is. Or when you talk with some parents they ask what do you really do? The perception can be we get to play all day and come up with silly games, so it must be easy being a children’s pastor.

Wrong! Who ever said children’s ministry wold be easy? Allow me to give only a few reasons why children’s ministry is the furthest thing from being easy.

1. Typically children’s ministry is the largest single group in the church being served outside of the adult sanctuary.

2. The children’s ministry is definitely the group with, by far, the greatest physical, social, emotional, and mental developmental span of any in the church (babies through preteen). With each of these areas, different styles of teaching are needed and training must be provided for all.

3. Due to the above statement and the wide variety of volunteers it can be the hardest group to lead effectively as one group.

4. Requires the greatest amount of weekly “maintenance”, everything from cleaning nursery toys, providing the proper teaching supplies, and so much more.

5. The group with the greatest risk and is most vulnerable in terms of potential for physical harm, opportunity for criminal activity, and also in terms of emotional injury. This is definitely the group that mole hills can be made into mountains when it comes to parents little children.

6. In some churches this ministry may be the least understood or appreciated ministry in the church – the typical perception remains largely that of childcare, and most church-goers (and other staff) have no idea of the demands within children’s ministry.

7. Maybe the least understood or appreciated pastoral level position in the church, as reflected in it is typically the lowest paid “leadership” position on the staff.

8. Everything that is presented must be changed from the one creating the materials natural thought process (usually and adult) and their natural verbiage into what can be understood the best by the target audience (kids from ages birth through 5th or 6th grade).

These are only a few reasons we should know that children’s ministry is never going to be easy. But, if lived out each day with the right heart and motive of why you are in this thing we call “Children’s ministry”, then it may not be easy but will definitely be the greatest experience of your life.

Are there any others you would add to this list? Give reasons why you have determined to stick with it.

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