Who is drawn to you

Who is drawn to you? I have been asking myself this question for years. I look at leaders who are very different in their methods, styles, personalities and basically in just about every way and yet they each are very successful in what they do.

Being a children’s pastor I obviously have my favorite Bible heroes whose lives I love to study as I prepare weekly to share with the kids. Two of those lives I have always enjoyed looking at are the lives of Jesus and David. With one you have a warring king and with the other a saving King. Different callings, skills, abilities, methods, and training but both are obviously incredible leaders.

One similar thing about both is that they surrounded themselves with “Mighty Men”. It is looking at these “Mighty Men/Women” that has me thinking of our leadership. When David was running from Saul, his mighty men sought him out in Ziklag. They knew he was anointed, he was a great leader, and would soon  be king. If you are an anointed leader of God, with a great vision and calling, God will make sure great leaders find you to help accomplish the purpose God has for you!

I see and talk to too many leaders who appear as though they try to force or persuade others to follow as they desperately desire to lead in a certain direction. They may have the character of a leader, which means they help, encourage and even coach other leaders, but honestly they don’t have the anointing as a leader in the direction they are trying to create.

Anointed leaders, leading in the direction God has for them, will attract high quality leaders to accomplish that direction. I am even leaning toward coming to the conclusion that: You can measure the size and direction of your vision and calling by the quality of leaders you attract. However, I am certain that God will send you the leaders you need to accomplish what He has called and spoken for you.

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