Why is honesty so hard

I get the privilege of being part of several children’s pastor networks. In each of these networks, it is funny that as you listen to everyone speak there always seems to be certain topics that come up sometime during the meeting. It is not so much the topics that bring me the entertainment (although for years this use to be the case), but it is the way each one responds to these topics.

Some of the brief topics are:
1. What size is your church?
2. How many kids do you run?

This list does have a few more I could add but I really want to address this next one that is often asked but honestly never seems to come out as often as you would want it to.

3. What obstacles do you face outside of getting volunteers (because we all for some reason feel okay admitting that we struggle some in getting volunteers)?

With this last question, I have learned to just listen and watch how people respond. It is refreshing to hear those who are confident and honest in who they are, what God has called them to, and don’t seem to live still in this bubble that they can’t have problems. But then you have those who may be taught from the culture of their church that everything must be great all the time and you can have no problems because that shows you are not a great leader, or your children’s ministry is lousy.

Let me close with this. I want to empower all of you who feel you can not be honest in this last question, that it is okay to be honest. Those of us who have been around know everything is not always okay and that you will have problems and that you are not really running a million kids when you have 100 chairs set up, or that you have an endless budget when we see things broken or old equipment being used etc.

So let’s be proud and not embarrassed in whatever God has given us and rejoice where we are now and look forward to where God is leading us, with all of our current problems.

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